Staff members

Full Professor, Head of the Lab

Associate Professor   danielr


Prof. Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi

Associate Professor

Bakht Zaman                

Bakht Zaman_SH_LPhD Student
Distributed in-network intelligence across multiple components

Yves Teganya_SH_L

 Yves Teganya

PhD Student

Mohamed Elnourani                                                                                  Mohammed Elnourani_SH_L

PhD Student

Henning IdsøeHenning Idsoe
PhD Student
Madeleine Rønning Madeleine_pict
PhD Student
DanielAlonsoDaniel Alonso
PhD Student
Optimization of cross-layer algorithms for distributed computation and control in WSNs
asensioCésar Asensio
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mohamed Hamid                                                                                           Mohamed Hamid_farge

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Leila Ben SaadLeyla_Ben_Saad_SH
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Luis Miguel López Ramos                                                                         Luis Miguel Lopez Ramos_SH
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Julia Cervera VallesProfile.picture.Alvaro
Administrative Assistant

The WISENET Lab is currently in the process of hiring new PhD and  postdoctoral researchers. Information will be provided here.


Alumni – past PhD students or Postdocs

  • Santosh Shah, PhD Thesis: Joint optimization of sensor selection and routing for Distributed Estimation in WSNs, December 2013. Current Position: Assistant Professor, LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur.
  • Xiaoge Huang, PhD Thesis: Non-convex Distributed Power Allocation Games in Cognitive Radio Networks, 2013. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2013.
  • Gustavo Hernández, Distributed Kriging algorithms for WSNs
  • Gabrielle Boccolini, Postdoc, Cognitive Radios and adaptive transmission techniques. Current position: Senior Radio Access Network Engineer at Ericsson
  • Kalliroe Flouri, PhD Thesis: Distributed Algorithms for Support Vector Machine training in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2009. Current Position: Analytics Solutions Engineer at Swiss Re.
  • Vladan Velisavljevic, PhD. Thesis: Anisotropic Multi-directional Representation with Separable Filtering, 2005, EPFL. Current Position: Lecturer at University of Bedfordshire (previously Senior Researcher at Deutsch Telekom, Berlín)
  • Guillermo Barrenechea, PhD Thesis: Distributed Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks, 2005, EPFL. Current position: Senior Researcher at Swisscom.
  • Razvan Cristescu, PhD Thesis: Efficient decentralized communications in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2005, EPFL (Chorafas Foundation PhD. Thesis Award at EPFL, nomination for ACM Thesis Award).