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Full Professor, Head of the Lab

Associate Professor


Prof. Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi
Associate Professor
asensioCésar Asensio
PhD Student
Network topology optimization and medium access control for fast and energy efficient consensus in WSNs.
DanielAlonsoDaniel Alonso
PhD Student
Optimization of cross-layer algorithms for distributed computation and control in WSNs
Thilina WeerasingheIMG_7184
PhD Student
Theory and Design of self-organised application-driven cross-layer protocols for heterogeneous wireless networks
Bakht ZamanBakht Zaman
PhD Student
Distributed in-network intelligence across multiple components
Mahmoud Ramezani-MayiamiMahmoud_1
PhD Student
Compressive Inference based on Statistical Graph Signal Processing
Yves Teganya
PhD Student 
Mohamed Elnourani
PhD Student
Mohamed HamidM_HAMID
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Leila Ben Saad IMG_0458
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Luis Miguel López Ramos 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Julia Cervera VallesIMG_0310
Administrative Assistant

The WISENET Lab is currently in the process of hiring new PhD and  postdoctoral researchers. Information will be provided here.


Alumni – past PhD students or Postdocs

  • Santosh Shah, PhD Thesis: Joint optimization of sensor selection and routing for Distributed Estimation in WSNs, December 2013. Current Position: Assistant Professor, LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur.
  • Xiaoge Huang, PhD Thesis: Non-convex Distributed Power Allocation Games in Cognitive Radio Networks, 2013. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2013.
  • Gustavo Hernández, Distributed Kriging algorithms for WSNs
  • Gabrielle Boccolini, Postdoc, Cognitive Radios and adaptive transmission techniques. Current position: Senior Radio Access Network Engineer at Ericsson
  • Kalliroe Flouri, PhD Thesis: Distributed Algorithms for Support Vector Machine training in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2009. Current Position: Analytics Solutions Engineer at Swiss Re.
  • Vladan Velisavljevic, PhD. Thesis: Anisotropic Multi-directional Representation with Separable Filtering, 2005, EPFL. Current Position: Lecturer at University of Bedfordshire (previously Senior Researcher at Deutsch Telekom, Berlín)
  • Guillermo Barrenechea, PhD Thesis: Distributed Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks, 2005, EPFL. Current position: Senior Researcher at Swisscom.
  • Razvan Cristescu, PhD Thesis: Efficient decentralized communications in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2005, EPFL (Chorafas Foundation PhD. Thesis Award at EPFL, nomination for ACM Thesis Award).