The various activities of the Lab are funded through several national and international projects (including European Projects) with both public and private funding.

Off-shore – On-shore Collective Analytics & Intelligence for condition-based monitoring in drilling & operations using heterogeneous wireless networks (SMART-RIG)

This project is motivated by the grand challenge of providing a new ICT solution for collective off-shore–on-shore intelligence for predictive CBM of drilling rigs.


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IT Integration, Data Analytics and Big Data (subproject WP6) – Offshore Mechatronics (Center of Research-Driven Innovation SFI)

Our goal is to investigate analytical methods and network designs that aggregate the information from different components, exploit their correlated behaviors, utilizing novel data mining adaptive methods to predict and detect “unexpected” anomalies in system behavior or changes in the performance of different types of (sequential or in-loop) processes.


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Reconfigurable Radio Network Platform (ReRaNP)

This project will implement a research infrastructure that will be able to offer the ability to make large-scale experiments to develop the desired features of wireless systems.


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Next Generation Wireless Devices and Networks enabled by Self-Organized Spectrum Cartography (WISECART)

WISECART is a cutting edge project funded from the FRIPRO TOPPFORSK Programme aiming at taking device-to-device (D2D) communication beyond simple proximity services by building self-organized, adaptive mesh type formations of  wireless devices considering social engagements across the lower layers of the protocol stack.

In a press release from the Research Council, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (T.) states that Toppforsk is a new and targeted initiative to ensure good long-term funding for research environments that can become internationally leaders in their field.

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Hub Distributed Communications and Intelligence in Heterogeneous Networks (Hub) – CIEM Center

Building a new generation of wireless intelligent heterogeneous networks, including both mobile terminals and different types of devices in the context of Wireless Sensor Networks and the emerging paradigms of Internet-of-Things and Cyber-physical Systems, which will be able to meet the extremely demanding future societal needs of the XXI century in emergency management.


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Selected Past projects
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Note: Some of these projects were hosted at other institutions than University of Agder