Big data for norsk verdiskapning

Big Data meets Graph Signal Processing
Baltasar Beferull-Lozano, professor, Universitetet i Agder

Oslo: Møte 21. februar 2018 at Norske Videnskaps-Akademi

There has been significant recent progress in the development of signal processing tools that operate directly over graph-structured data. Many datasets in multiple real applications can be modeled flexibly in terms of the so-called graph signals, where each node of the graph represents essentially one or several data time-series and the links connecting the nodes represent some type of space-time dependencies among the various data time-series. The emergence of very diverse and ubiquitous computing, communicating and sensing devices has led to an era where huge amounts of data (big data) are generated constantly. Examples of applications include industrial plants, cyber-physical networked sensor systems, water distribution networks, connectivity brain networks, finance networked systems and social networks, among others. This talk will provide an overview about the recent area of Graph Signal Processing, exploring recent results, challenges and applications. We will illustrate the key concepts and cover different data processing methods for machine learning tasks over graph signals, their computational efficiency, and their impact in several important applications.

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