The WISENET staff are engaged in several education and training activities.

WISENET activities span both the Departments of ICT and Engineering. In this sense, some of the courses mentioned above contribute significantly to other various Master or PhD degrees in different domains, such as machine learning, optimization, artificial intelligence, cognitive control, cyber-physical networked systems and Industry 4.0, among others.

The PhD courses are designed to help PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in terms of making their work as much effective as possible, in the research areas covered by the Center. The Master courses that are offered also serve to bridge some gaps of previous knowledge that are important.

Previous courses at other Universities

Wavelets and Subband Coding, EPFL, Course 2004/2005, Master Information and Communication Sciences

Advanced Multiuser Information Theory II (Doctoral Course), Universidad de la Coruña, Course 2008/2009, Doctoral Program with Quality Mention

Advanced Multiuser Information Theory I (Doctoral Course), Universidad de Vigo, Course 2008/2009, Doctoral Program with Quality Mention

Advanced Optimization Techniques for Communications and Signal Processing (Doctoral Course), Universidad de Navarra, CEIT, Course 2007/2008

Advanced Multiuser Information Theory (Doctoral Course), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Course 2007/2008, Doctoral Program with Quality Mention

Network Information Theory (Doctoral Course), University of Crete, Course 2006/2007

Distributed Signal Processing and Communications (Doctoral Course), Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Course 2006/2007, Doctoral Program with Quality Mention

IEEE International Winter School of Information Theory, Gossip Algorithms for In-Network Computation, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, March 2011

Advanced Wireless Communications and Mobility, Courses 2013/2014, Univ. of Valencia

Advanced Signal Processing for Communications, Courses 2009-2014, Univ. of Valencia

Advanced Optimization Techniques for Communications and Signal Processing, Courses 2007-2011, Univ. of Valencia

Network Information Theory, Courses 2005-2013, Univ. of Valencia

Digital Data Transmission, Courses 2006-2014, Univ. of Valencia

WISENET Teaching Portfolio

The Centre is currently offering and teaching several courses that are aligned with several degrees within the Faculty of Engineering and Science UIA:

Master in Information and Communication Technologies

  • IKT 435 – Wireless Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks
  • IKT440 – ICT Seminar 1 / Embedded Systems
  • IKT441 – ICT Seminar 2 / Embedded Systems Project
  • IKT442 – ICT Seminar 3 / Embedded Systems Project
  • IKT443 – ICT Seminar 4 / Embedded Systems Project
  • IKT 590 Master thesis

PhD in Information and Communication Technologies

  • IKT 438 – Optimization
  • IKT 719 – Advanced Optimization
  • IKT 721 – Statistical Signal Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Wireless Prototyping using SDRs (Software Defined Radios)
  • mmWave sensing

Master in Mechatronics

  • MAS 508 – Control Theory

Bachelor Level

  • ELE301 Bachelor Thesis
  • MAS 107 Feedback Control Systems