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Torleiv Maseng received his master’s degree in Radio Communication from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1970. In July 1974 he joined SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) Technical Center in The Hague as a scientist in the Communications Division. He was responsible for the development of the NATO SATCOM Control system. He was also involved in operational planning for the NATO SATCOM system, e.g. frequency planning, power allocation, interference analysis and modem evaluation. He also participated in the production of specifications for procurement of new satellite ground terminals, computer systems and modems for NATO.

In 1982 he was employed by SINTEF where he was involved in the design and standardisation of the GSM project. In 1986, he received the SINTEF award for his work on modulation and coding. In 1992 he started NetCom GSM A/S with Trygve Tamburstuen and had the technical responsibility. NetCom is the second largest mobile phone operator in Norway now owned by Telia and in 2016 changed their name to Telia.

In October 1993, Maseng was appointed to a chair in Radio Technology at the University of Lund, Sweden. In January 1994 he started working as a professor at Department of Applied Electronics. Here he contributed to foundation of the Centre of Excellence of Circuit Design and a research program Personal Computing and Communication which is a national research program financed by the Foundation for Strategic Research.

He later became a Director of Research at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. He also served as a professor at the University of Oslo/University Graduate Center (UNIK) since 2017 organized as a department of UiO, Department of Technology System.

He has been teaching the course Information and Communication theory at University of Oslo

His current research focuses on improving wireless networks by making them cooperate in empathic manner by interconnecting them (P2P).


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