Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit entitles you to stay and work in Norway indefinitely

When you have lived in Norway continuously for three years, you can be granted a permanent residence permit. It is a requirement that you have completed 250 hours of tuition in Norwegian and it is not a requirement that you have had residence on the same grounds for the whole three-year period, but all the permits you have held must be of a type that forms the basis for permanent residence. 50 hours of social studies, or that you can document adequate knowledge of the Norwegian or Sami language. The requirement for Norwegian language skills applies to everyone between the ages of 16 and 55 who were granted their first residence permit forming the basis for a permanent residence permit after 1 September 2005.

Specific Information regarding permanent residence permit

Our online courses help you on the path to permanent residence or citizenship. We have flexible Norwegian courses online, at levels from A1 to C1. All our courses are approved by Kompetanse Norge, and can be used as documentation when you apply for permanent residence in Norway or citizenship via the UDI and the police.