Practical Applications

WISENET has also an extensive experience in Testbed design and our research has a direct impact on multiple applications. Figures shown below illustrate applications where we have worked in relation to research projects led by WISENET.

Distributed Monitoring & Control of processes in Industrial Environments
(Digital Factories, Industry 4.0)

Collective Deep Learning for Multiple Collaborative Robots

Control and Traffic management of smart unmanned aerial vehicles

Remote and Intelligent Large-scale Environmental Monitoring

Water Networks (Cyber-Physical Systems for Water Distribution Networks and Aquaponics)

Smart Cognitive Radios and Next Generation Wireless Networks

Optimization of O&G production and drilling systems

Autonomous and Self-Organized Control of Natural Resources, specially water and energy

Ambient Intelligence for people with different types of disabilities

Advanced co-operative Communications and Sensing for traffic applications

Distributed Intelligence in Emergency Management Scenarios

Surface Monitoring and Tracking