Collective Efficient Deep Learning and Networked Control for Multiple Collaborative Robot Systems (DEEPCOBOT)

WISENET & Mechatronics Centres lead the NFR Frontier Project DEEPCOBOT

The WISENET Centre and Mechatronics Centre at UiA have joined forces in a new multidisciplinary frontier research project that combines Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. They have received NOK 16 million (total budget 20 NOK million) from the Research Council of Norway to develop the next-generation artificial intelligence for industrial collaborative robots. The project is called Collective Efficient Deep Learning and Networked Control for Multiple Collaborative Robot Systems (DEEPCOBOT). The project period for DEEPCOBOT is from 2020 to 2025. The plan is for the project to have three PhD candidates and one postdoctoral fellow.

Current Deep Learning methods do not provide the necessary adaptation and safety for collaborative robots (cobots) in complex scenarios while being time-efficient, preventing their application in real-time robotic applications. In order to be able to design this new generation data-driven control systems, we will advance the forefront of several areas, including Online Deep Learning for distributed teams of collaborative robots and human operators interacting with each other. Current solutions do not consider the interchange of information between multiple collaborative robots about previous actions and experiences for improving and accelerating the learning. In DEEPCOBOT, the learning of each cobot will be based not only on its own experiences, but also based on other robots’ experiences, requiring a novel distributed sensor signal processing and information aggregation across the multiple wirelessly inter-connected robots.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council’s ICT and digital innovation programme, IKTPLUSS, within the section of Transformative Research. The Programme is called “Ubiquitous Data and Services – Researcher Project”. The Programme funds long-term projects that generate new knowledge and technology that promote productivity and efficiency. The project will involve a collaboration between UiA and the partners Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL), Omron Electronics Norway, ABB Norway, the University of California San Diego (USA), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SWE) and the University of Navarra (SPA).

Principal investigators: J. Zhou, B. Beferull-Lozano, I. Tyapin.

News about the DEEPCOBOT project at UiA web site