Intelligent and Accessible Environments (EINA)

Funding: Spanish Ministry of Work and Social Affairs

Principal Investigator: Prof. Baltasar Beferull-Lozano

Topic: The EINA project stems from the desire to improve the opportunities for personal autonomy and social participation of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, providing them with a technological tool to control a range of basic devices in their daily life, in an accessible and understandable way. We understand that assistive technology, based on wireless sensor networks, increases opportunities for social participation, and that’s our reason for focusing on its development. Although the project is aimed at these groups of people, due to their shared characteristics, the results may be useful for other groups not specified here. This project wants to integrate the previous work of the institutions and to coordinate with other current and future projects, to build a platform of tools, compatible and integrable, intended to be used as assistive technology in basic activities (communication, autonomous movement and interaction with the general physical environment) for the groups described.

Role: Design and Implementation of the wireless sensor network assisting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Period: 2007 – 2008