Network of Excellence in Information and Communication Theory (INFOCOM)

Funding source: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science

Principal Investigator: Prof. Baltasar Beferull-Lozano

Topic: The main aim of the INFOCOM thematic network is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the training of researchers between the various national research groups that develop their activities in the field of self-organising and wireless communication networks and in MIMO systems signal processing, as well as with other international networks or groups related to this issue. These activities focus on wireless sensor networks (WSN). The network consists of a set of research activities where different participants are integrated. These tasks are:
a) fundamental and theoretical limits in communication networks with diversity
b) design of coding schemes with different levels of abstraction
c) techniques for processing signals and algorithms in MIMO systems
d) cooperative processing and self-organising communications in wireless sensor networks.

Role: Coordinator and Leader of activities related to cooperative processing and self-organizing communications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Period: 2007 – 2008