Smart System for Traffic Sign posting and Information (CABINTEC)

Funding: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Development and Public Works

Principal Investigator: Prof. Baltasar Beferull-Lozano

Topic: This project is focused in accidents prevention including advanced electronic systems in a new signposting scene with cooperative technologies or I2V (Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Communication). In particular, this is included in the speed limitation systems or ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaptation) for which a demonstrator of a dynamic Speed Adaptation System based on speed radio beacon will be validated. Considering the advances in wireless technology, either through wireless sensor networks (WSN), or through more inexpensive technology such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), there is the possibility of informing the vehicle-user immediately of the road condition through which it is circulating. It would not be necessary to see the signal on the side to know, for example, the speed limit, braking curves could be calculated, as the later speed limitations would be known beforehand, resulting in a safer and more reliable driving. The smart management of multiple signals that can be received on board is an issue that is addressed in detail, because it can be overwhelming for the driver if the signals that are non important are not discriminated at every moment of the driving. The project covers a full study on the signaling presentation system and, probably, it should be tested in the driving simulator, where the on-board reception system can be validated.

Role: Design of protocols for Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Communication and on-board data processing.

Period: 2007 – 2010