SMART-RIG Research Project begins

Off-shore – On-shore Collective Analytics & Intelligence based on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Full project name: Off-shore–On-shore Collective Analytics & Intelligence for condition-based monitoring in drilling & operations using heterogeneous networks (SMART-RIG)


Funding: Researcher Project, Research Council of Norway

Principal Investigator: Prof. Baltasar Beferull-Lozano

Topic: This project is motivated by the grand challenge of providing a new ICT solution for collective off-shore–on-shore intelligence for predictive CBM of drilling rigs, covering: a) the distributed acquisition of sensor signals, including data pre-processing,adaptive sampling rate optimization and collaborative calibration capabilities (Network Tier 1), b) in-network cooperative processing and distributed context-aware intelligence to perform essential data analytics tasks such as local event prediction and detection, low-level feature extraction, decision-making support and learning, c) design of semantic sensor management tools at micro-server nodes (Network Tier 2), with higher resources in terms of computation and communication capabilities, providing data aggregation across different inter-related subsystems and an intermediate medium-to-high level inference about the data collection, i.e., high-level diagnostics (fault detection, isolation and cause identification) and prognostics (fault & degradation prediction), tracking continuous consistency with the on-shore high-level analytics running at the servers (Network Tier 3) of Control Centers, providing recommendations or direct actions if necessary. The proof of concept will be demonstrated with the support from Lundin, Frigstad and MHWirth.

Role: Coordination and Leader of all technical WorkPackages.

Period: 2015 – 2019