WISENET is co-organizing CySWater 2016

WISENET is co-organizing together with ICS-FORTH (Signal Processing Lab) the 2nd International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Water Networks (CySWater2016) during the CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) Week in Viena.

The objective of the 2nd International Workshop on Cyber-physical Systems for Smart Water Networks (CySWater2016) is to bring together for the second time researchers and engineers from the fields of Communications/Networking, Learning/Processing, and Control and practitioners from the Water Industry to both share their experiences, as well as formulate novel CPS paradigms for fulfilling the vision of Smart Water Networks (SWN). Emphasis will be given to both theoretical modelling, as well as modern exemplars that respond to different aspects of the water life-cycle.

The proposed, multi-disciplinary agenda attempts both to stimulate the research and engineering questions, as well as to solicit CPS-based solutions, for addressing the problem of water crisis. As such CySWater aspires to serve as the application-driven forum, where CPS modelling, deployment, and evaluation are tailored to the specific needs of an emerging societal challenge. Therefore CySWater both fits perfectly the purposes of the CPS Week, and complements the agenda of the CPS Week conferences.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Data Acquisition, Processing & Learning: Infrastructure & smart sensor devices for SWN; Signal sampling, classification & anomaly detection for SWN; Decentralized multi-sensor fusion, learning & data analytics.

Communications, Networking & Control: Underground & underwater CPS; Mobile network agents for large-scale CPS; Networked Control Systems architecture, incl. cloud computing aspects; CPS and security for SWN.

Analysis, Performance, & Applications: Testbeds, field studies, & performance analysis; Novel CPS application paradigms for modern water applications, s.a. water treatment, water recycle and reuse, waste/sewage/storm water management; Standardization and policies for enabling SWN.